Mets Tie Guy

Ernie "Tie-Guy" has been a die-hard Mets Fan since 1962 (at the Polo Grounds). As a season-ticket holder at Shea Stadium, Ernie was dubbed the "Tie-Guy" by the fans in the Upper-Deck when he showed up with a different baseball tie, many of them Mets ties, at every game. He has carried this tradition over to the Mets new home, CitiField, where you can find him roaming the ballpark, cheering on the fans, and sometimes cheering them up.

Ernie now sports more than three dozen different Mets ties, as well as distinctive Mets hats, suspenders, belts, socks, and sneakers. Many of his official Mets dress shirts and Hawaiian Shirts have "TIE GUY" on the back with numbers special to him and the fans (like "69" and "86").

Ernie often works with his fellow "Ulti-Mets-Fans",          Eddie "COW BELLMAN" and Nicky "PIN MAN".
They can frequently be found together after the games.

Look for them outside of the Mets Hall-of-Fame.

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